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How AI intelligent assistants simplify the employee experience?

By automating answers to employee questions and communications, MeBeBot allows your internal teams to focus on what matters most for the business and its employees.

Keep the “Human” in HR tech:

By combining natural conversational technology with a database of common HR questions and answers curated by experts, MeBeBot functions like another member of the HR team with 100% responsiveness.

Keeping your finger on the pulse of the company:

MeBeBot helps track engagement, sentiment, and needs so you can create an employee experience and company culture that drives retention.

Implement Quickly:

With a curated knowledge base backed by extensive research and an easy app installation, MeBeBot can be up, running, and answering your employees’ questions quickly.

Save time, resources, and money:

MeBeBot provides answers to employee questions, freeing up time and reducing the cost and energy required for basic support.

Meet your employees where they are:

Not only does MeBeBot integrate with solutions your employees are already utilizing, it provides an authentic support experience in the office, at home, or wherever your employees are.

Scale HR with a scaling company:

Whether you’re rapidly expanding or experiencing a merger/acquisition, MeBeBot helps guide your employees with clear, consistent HR information.