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+ Creating Efficiency

+ Creating Efficiency

Driving Your Employee Experience

Intelligent Assistant

Extend the goodness of HR and IT and empower your employees to get answers 24/7 to their most frequently asked questions, leveraging a chatbot assistant and artificial intelligence technologies.

Our AI Intelligent Assistant will create efficiencies, improve productivity, and save time to streamline HR and IT. Employees will get the information they need, when they need it, so that you can focus on providing impactful value to your organization.

Automate Employee Engagement 

Drive Productivity and Streamline Processes

Create Efficiencies

Generate a Positive ROI

Your employees have questions...

What is my PTO balance?

What are the company holidays?

How do I find a doctor?

How do I access my paycheck stub?

Provide your employees with an

 Intelligent Assistant for the workplace,  generating automated  answers to questions, when and where they need it.

Key Benefits 

Be Smart

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), powerful AI technology, and analytics means that your knowledge base can grow and learn as questions are answered.

Be Responsive

No more forgotten emails or unanswered requests.  Employees get a 100% response rate 100% of the time, with consistency and accuracy.

Be Efficient

Remove routine tasks from your internal support teams and streamline processes so they can focus on more important strategic responsibilities. 

Be Flexible

Update your company's information on the fly so that your employees will always have the right answers. No technical expertise needed or expensive customizations. 

Be Connected

Your employees can ask questions 24/7 from anywhere in the world, with a global knowledge base of content, via web browser or a mobile device.

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