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MeBeBot in Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is the ultimate messaging app for your organization. Therefore, a workspace for real-time collaboration and communication, meetings, file and app sharing. It’s accessible to everyone with a Microsoft Office365 subscription. Thus quickly evolving into the hub of workplace activities.

MeBeBot integrates with Microsoft Teams, as an App. Your employees can get quick automated answers to all types of questions and support needs they have. From IT, HR, Payroll, Benefits, Facilities, and Operations, Therefore, MeBeBot becomes the “one stop bot,” to support your most important resource — your people!

How MeBeBot works

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MeBeBot is an AI Intelligent Assistant to automate answers to all types of employees’ FAQs while delivering consistent communications to your remote & hybrid workers. Our AI Chatbot installs as an app in Teams in under 5 minutes.

You can find MeBeBot in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace or in the Microsoft App Source, so it’s available to your employees 24/7, wherever they live in the world from mobile and computer devices. 

Through the Customer Admin Portal, admins access the crowdsourced Global Knowledge Base of 300+ FAQs. Next, simply edit the content to fit your particular business policies, benefits, and internal processes. Usage data and valuable insights to your employees’ questions are visible on the real-time dashboard. And, with Push Messaging, your internal teams can send out notifications, company updates, and reminders to MeBeBot in Slack (selecting Slack channels with the ability to differentiate messages based on group). Pulse Surveys (via MeBeBot in Slack) allow for quick feedback from your employees (also based on Slack channels) so that you can gain valuable insights from your employees instantly.

Image of How MeBeBot Works

MeBeBot is like a “bot in a box,” designed to be comprehensive, accurate, easy to implement in weeks…and it’s affordable! Companies with employees across the globe are using MeBeBot’s AI Chatbot in Teams to to create efficiencies, improve productivity and free up valuable time for your HR, IT and Ops team members. By reducing the volume of help desk tickets, emails and inquiries by 60-70%, MeBeBot customers realize a 200% ROI value in less than 6 months.

What makes MeBeBot’s intelligent assistant unique?

  • MeBeBot gets all your HR, IT and Operations FAQs answered by one bot, quickly and accurately.
  • Our Intelligent Assistant installs in Slack in under 5 minutes within minimal to no involvement from your IT department.
  • The Dashboard displays real-time employee usage data so you can take actionable insights from it.
  • Push Messaging allows for real-time messages and reminders to be sent to employees in Slack.
  • Pulse Survey tool provides immediate feedback on employee sentiment on key satisfaction questions in Slack.
  • Simply, it is cost-effective with no added AI or IT resources to install and maintain the relevancy and accuracy of the FAQ answers.

MeBeBot is a great fit for fast-growing companies, that maybe going through rapid organic growth or merges & acquisitions. While we can support companies of any size, the best results come from companies with 500 to 10,000 employees. Plus, organizations who do not have existing internal teams/resources to provide global employee support.

Interface to MeBeBot in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint

Interface Image of How MeBeBot functions in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint
MeBeBot as an App in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft SharePoint

Interface Image of MeBeBot Dashboard
MeBeBot’s Customer Portal includes a Dashboard, with real-time usage data, by time frame, category and geographic location

Interface Image of MeBeBot Knowledge Base
MeBeBot’s Curated Knowledge Base of Frequently Asked IT, HR, Benefits, Payroll, Facilities, and Operations Questions, easy to edit!

Interface Image of MeBeBot Knowledge Base Placeholders
Placeholders allows your team to edit variables that may change often, so that it’s easy to keep your answers up-to-date and consistent

Interface image of MeBeBot Pulse Survey
Pulse Surveys gather quick feedback from employees, using MeBeBot’s App in Teams.

Interface Image of MeBeBot Pulse Survey Analytics
Pulse Survey Results are shared on Customer Portal Dashboard

Get access to the MeBeBot App in Teams any time from your mobile devices

With automatic Teams app deployment to mobile devices, your employees can have they support they need, when they need it….securely outside of the office. MeBeBot uses best in class technologies to manage and maintain each customer’s instance of MeBeBot’s Customer Portal, unique to each businesses’ needs.

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MeBeBot Customers

Privacy Policy

​MeBeBot believes strongly in the protection of the privacy of Users. Data collection and the use of data collected from the Site is governed by our Privacy Policy which we encourage you to review. We may change our Privacy Policy and practices over time. 

To Install the MeBeBot App in Teams

MeBeBot is an App and AI Platform, with a Customer Portal, purchased by HR, IT and Operations team members within companies. It is managed and installed by internal IT Teams Admins for their employees in their company’s Teams Workspace(s).

If you are interested in installing MeBeBot for your employees, please contact us and one of our Sales Consultants would be happy to assist you. Once you are a customer, MeBeBot is installed in Teams as an App, using the install feature from the IT Admin section of the MeBeBot Customer Portal.


If you have any questions about MeBeBot for Teams App, you can contact MeBeBot as follows: send an e-mail to us at [email protected].

Interested in MeBeBot for Slack, instead?

If you have any questions about MeBeBot for Slack, check out our Slack solutions page.