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Pulse Surveys

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Pulse Surveys’ Overview

MeBeBot’s conversational-style Pulse Survey makes it easy to gather quick feedback from employees in the flow of work – in Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Interface Image of MebeBot's Pulse Surveys

Pulse Surveys’
Quick & Easy Set-Up

In just four easy steps you can create and launch a pulse survey in minutes. Distribution can include Slack or Teams groups/channels or you can upload a CSV file for more precise targeting of your audience.

Interface Image of MeBeBot Pulse Survey's Set-Up

Pulse Surveys’
Template Library

We’ve done the hard work for you! Our Pulse Survey tool comes with a template library of frequently used survey questions. All you need to do is select and edit the content to reflect your unique survey needs or create your own scratch.

interface Image of MeBeBot Pulse Survey's Template Library

Pulse Surveys’
Content Editor

Creating and editing survey content is easy and takes just minutes. Designed for flexibility, you can create custom response options for your specific questions.

Interface Image of MeBeBot's Pulse Survey Content Editor
Pulse Survey Results

Pulse Surveys’
People & Engagement Analytics

Pulse survey results are immediately available in our easy-to-use admin portal where you can view, download the data, or print the results.

Interface Image of MeBeBot's Pulse Survey Analytics
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MeBeBot Pulse Surveys drive 2X greater response rate than traditional employee surveys.

In a volatile and ever-changing business climate, an employee experience that encourages feedback and open communication is critical for success.

Traditional quarterly and annual employee surveys normally drive about 30-40% participation. It’s clearly not enough response to deliver meaningful and actionable results.

Implementing more agile pulse surveys over traditionally delivered surveys enables employees to share feedback more frequently. Equally important, companies gain the ability to explore more timely and critical business issues. Allowing them to react more quickly and in a more focused and impactful manner.

Not to mention, employees are more likely to engage with their company and co-workers within the “flow of work,” using collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams. Combining the benefits of pulse surveys with these collaboration tools improves participation and provides sentiment insight when you need it most.

5 key features

  • MeBeBot Pulse Surveys’ functionality gathers quick feedback from employees in the flow of work – in Slack, Teams, or SharePoint.  
  • In just four easy steps that take just minutes to execute, Pulse Surveys can be created, customized, scheduled, and deployed.
  • Includes crowdsourced survey questions as templates making it easy to create and edit new surveys
  • Surveys can be distributed to Teams or Slack channels or groups, or you can upload a CSV file for more precise targeting
  • Results are displayed in real-time, ready for download or print

What makes MeBeBot Pulse Surveys standout?

  • Helps provide more consistent feedback and communications through all levels of the organization
  • Elevates the employee experience by providing helpful feedback tools that are easy for employees to use
  • Allows users to create and launch surveys in just minutes, saving time and gaining efficiency
  • Provides insight into issues before they become problems that negatively impact culture and retention