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Overview of MeBeBot's AI DEX System

Image of MeBeBot Suite of HR Chatbot Tools

DEX AI Engine For Employee Queries

MeBeBot AI DEX combines enterprise-grade Generative AI with Authoritative AI to extend support for employee queries across various business areas. Our AI Wizard enables businesses to create and maintain reliable answers from company documents, policies, and procedures with human oversight. Teams can also access MeBeBot’s curated global knowledge base spanning nearly 20 topics. Continuous training via embedded employee feedback enhances employee trust, ensuring compliance, consistency, and precision.

AI Communications Engine

The MeBeBot AI Communications Engine offers a comprehensive set of features for enhancing internal communication and employee engagement. It includes Push Messaging capabilities, serving as a direct channel for targeted real-time or scheduled announcements, reminders, and alerts to specific internal teams based on location or business units. Additionally, it provides Pulse Surveys that enable quick feedback collection to track engagement, sentiment, and employee needs. With multi-lingual support, it caters to global employees, ensuring effective communication across language barriers. Furthermore, the engine allows for the escalation of employee queries to help desks, ticketing systems, or inboxes, streamlining issue resolution and promoting efficient communication within the organization.

AI Intelligent Assistant

The MeBeBot AI Chatbot operates within platforms like Slack, Teams, and webchat to provide automated responses to employees queries /  FAQs using company-specific knowledge. It also enables push messages to keep employees informed in real-time and conducts pulse surveys to engage employees and boost retention efforts, functioning as an integral part of the operations team for efficient communication and support.

DEX Dashboard

The DEX Dashboard offers valuable insights into employee utilization and their specific needs within the organization. It provides a clear view of the precise queries being asked across the business, enabling a deeper understanding of employee concerns and requirements. Moreover, the dashboard allows for the visualization of push message and pulse survey results, providing actionable data that can inform decision-making processes and facilitate responsive communication strategies within the company.

Manager ToolBot™

Manager ToolBot™ is an invaluable tool designed to strengthen capabilities and confidence of people managers. It boasts a pre-built knowledge base sourced from seasoned industry experts. Seamlessly integrating into widely used platforms such as Slack, Teams, and SharePoint, managers interact with the AI chatbot interface to access consistent and immediate assistance, irrespective of their location or the time of day. The tool extends its functionality through a robust communication engine encompassing push messaging and pulse surveys. Furthermore, Manager ToolBot™ offers a wealth of manager-specific resources, encompassing coaching tips, policies, and procedural documents. Explore Manager ToolBot™ further.

Efficiency Savings ROI From
Implementing AI DEX system.

Image of MeBeBot's ROI Calculator for HR Chatbots

Save Time & Money

  • MeBeBot saves employees 1-2 hours of time each week, spent looking for answers to questions in company intranets or other shared document services
  • MeBeBot saves HR, IT and any other operational role (facilities, accounting, etc.) 1-2 hours of time per day otherwise spent, manually answering questions via emails, phone calls, messages, or support tickets.
  • MeBeBot returns a time to value in under 2 months and the average ROI value exceeds 75% per customer today!

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