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Consistent Employee Experience Delivered Through Intelligent Automation

  • Streamlined onboarding helps get new employees up and running quickly and easily
  • Provides a single source of information that scales through mergers and acquisitions
  • Global personalization ensures your employees receive localized content
  • Push messaging creates messages for targeted recipients via chat communication channel(s)
  • The knowledge base is designed to improve with interaction and can be customized for your company’s needs
  • The dashboard provides an overview of employee engagement with the platform

Elevating your employee experience

MeBeBot is a centralized source of information, the “one-stop bot”, to cultivate company culture with consistent and timely messaging.


Whether your company is growing with organic hiring or experiencing a merger or acquisition, you can provide clear and consistent answers quickly to your expanding teams


Available 24/7 anywhere your teams are with instant answers so your support staff can focus on business-critical work.


Specific answers are provided to employees, based on their geographic location or even based on business units or roles.