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Our Story


As consumers, mobile phones and smart devices helped us be more efficient, productive and connected. We started with a vision to bring the convenience and personalization of consumer-facing solutions into the workplace.

Through Intelligent Assistants, MeBeBot drives automation for improving employee engagement and experience.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly maturing and is here to stay. MeBeBot is disrupting the employee experience. First by automating frequently asked questions across HR, IT, and Operations using AI Chatbots for employee engagement. Thus, providing automated 24/7 employee and manager support to global workforces for their FAQs and business process needs. Now, leadership can focus on strategic and revenue generating tasks that are impactful to the business.

By working together to use AI ethically and responsibly, employees can be be their best selves in the workplace.

Our Team

Our team is special. Consisting of industry experts from across the globe. Designing and developing world-class enterprise software solutions to change the way we work and live. Based in Austin, Texas, our company culture is 100% supportive of hybrid work. MeBeBot brings together diverse individuals who are passionate about the future of work.


Beth White

Founder & Chief Bot

Martin La Rosa

Director of Engineering

Headshot image of Lydia Wu, MeBeBot's VP of Product

Lydia Wu

VP of Product

Headshot image of Mindy Honcoop, MeBeBot's VP of Customer Strategy and Operations

Mindy Honcoop

VP of Customer Strategy & Operations

Headshot of Anthony Nolte

Anthony Nolte

Fractional CFO

Headshot Image of Bennett Sung, Fractional CMO

Bennett Sung

Fractional CMO

Dawn Kovach

VP of Business Development

Marisol Gutierrez

Software Engineer

Noelia Cordoba

Software Engineer

Damián Adan

Software Engineer

Bobbi Dangerfield

Strategic Business Advisor

Headshot Image of Derek Sidebottom

Derek Sidebottom

Strategic Business Advisor

Lisa Roberts

Strategic Business Advisor

John Adcock

Strategic Business Advisor

Ben Brown

Strategic Technical Advisor

Image of Headshot of John Carney

John Carney

Strategic Technical Advisor


MeBeBot embraces the hybrid/remote workplace, where each member of our internal team is empowered to wear “many hats” for the greater good of our customers and the business.

Our commitment is to make work more meaningful and transform the way everyone supports employees in all companies to be successful. We play toward individual strengths and celebrate diversity of backgrounds and experiences.

While our company’s headquarters is in Austin, Texas, we attract and hire those individuals that are team players, passionate about their contributions towards the employee experience, and able to work well remotely and take ownership of their contributions.

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