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[MeBeBot Video] Understanding the Digital Front Door to Employee Productivity 

Bennett Sung
on April 09, 2024

Growing companies need to share information and knowledge with their new and existing employees.

This ensures that every employee can get their job done.

Existing solutions for storing and sharing information may help. But managing, organizing, and retrieving it in a way that allows employees to find what they need. When they need it —  can be challenging.

Watch MeBeBot Video 👀

MeBeBot Playlist: Video 1 of 3: The Digital Front Door to Employee Productivity

MeBeBot leverages the institutional knowledge your company has worked hard to develop. Providing an easy way to access accurate and consistent answers to questions. Enabling every employee to be more productive.

Stands out by ingesting your existing content to deliver precise, policy-compliant answers to employee inquiries. It integrates effortlessly into the tools your team already uses like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Unlike costly solutions (like Microsoft Copilot or Google Gemini), which may surface outdated and inaccurate shared documents. MeBeBot ensures accuracy in information provided to employees, using both Generative and Verified AI.

Empowers subject matter experts within your organization to manage the information provided to employees, guaranteeing reliable results – every time.

Our dashboard offers instant insights into employee needs from around the world. Enhanced by a feedback feature for assessing answer quality and addressing inquiries anytime, from anywhere.

This automation significantly reduces the time spent on help desk tickets, emails, messages, and calls by over 60%, ensuring employees get quick, delay-free responses.

Transform chaos into clarity.

Cut operational costs by up to 30%

Boost productivity, and offer employees a reliable knowledge management source.

A cost-effective solution that can be deployed to your workforce within days, and marks a new chapter in people-centered services.

About MeBeBot™, Inc.  

MeBeBot is a software-as-a-service provider of digital employee experience (DEX) solutions. dedicated to enhancing employee productivity for remote and hybrid teams. Seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Teams, Slack, SMS/Text messaging and web portals. MeBeBot’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant offers immediate access to accurate and compliant responses to common queries, boasting an impressive accuracy rate exceeding 93%. Its DEX platform also includes real-time dashboards, push messaging, and custom pulse surveys, empowering employees to provide swift feedback on critical matters.

Acknowledged as a “Top Intelligent Virtual Assistant in 2024” by G2, “Top HR Chatbot for 2023” by Select Software Reviews and recognized as a “2022 Brilliant Bot by Slack App Directory”. Over 23,000 users (about the seating capacity of Madison Square Garden) spanning 50+ countries use MeBeBot to make work more meaningful. MeBeBot is a productivity asset to numerous remote and hybrid workplaces, including IGT, e2open, Epicor, and Crowdstreet. And proud to be a certified women’s business enterprise by WBENC.

After watching the MeBeBot Video, visitors are engaged to take a self guided tour MeBeBot's AI Platform.


Bennett Sung

Working in HR / Work / and Recruiting Tech for 17+ years, Bennett collaborates with leading solution providers (including ADP/VirtualEdge, Bullhorn/Jobscience, Koru/Cappfinity, AllyO/HireVue, Humanly, and now MeBeBot) on their brand strategy, branding activation and demand generations.