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Effective Performance Management Can Help Turn the Tide on the Great Resignation

on February 15, 2022

Whether completing year-end performance management reviews or quarterly updates on goals, development plans, and new initiatives, these activities go smoother with clear and empathetic communications. An effective performance management process that leaves a positive impression can help turn the tide on the Great Resignation.  

There has been a healthy discussion on how to change performance management, with the need for managers to provide employees ongoing support, feedback, coaching, and recognition. This can be achieved when “super teams” are used. MeBeBot’s AI Intelligent Assistant can help promote the ongoing feedback, discussions, and recognition employees crave from managers. 

Performance management still comes down to regular conversations between an employee and the manager, and with that the building of trust. InnovationOne LLC, in its research with The Fortune 1000, The Conference Board, and public sector research labs, has found that one of the best predictors of employee and innovation team success is the sponsorship and support of the team’s manager. Key to the team’s success was a manager who helped clarify goals, provided frank feedback and coaching, gave direction on how the team could overcome obstacles, and sought additional resources for the team.  

In a report released this year, Gallup has found that employee engagement has fallen for the first time in a decade. To turn this around, Gallup encourages managers to resume providing clear and frequent communication. Clear feedback is one of the basics in improving employee engagement and the improved performance that comes with it.  

Unfortunately, Gallup has found that a trend began in the second half of 2020 when employees no longer felt well prepared for their jobs. During this turbulent time, managers were in a tough spot. There was unpredictable change, and managers were continually adjusting roles and resources and setting up new norms on how to work remotely. In addition, team membership frequently changed due to high turnover.  

Gallup has recommended that for organizations and managers to rebuild engagement and trust with the workforce and reverse the tide on the Great Resignation, management needs to improve employee clarity and confidence in other areas. Employees need to know that they have the following: 

  • Clarity on goals, deadlines, and milestones 
  • Timely communications on new business circumstances and what changes in the near term 
  • Career paths and opportunities 
  • The suitable materials and equipment to do their jobs 
  • Opportunity to do what they do best. 
  • Collaborative team members 
  • Feedback, coaching, and opportunities for professional growth 
  • Getting the recognition they deserve 

The evidence from multiple sources is evident. Managers are at the key to driving performance. 

MeBeBot, without being intrusive in the manager and employee relationship, can help promote the ongoing feedback, discussions, and recognition employees crave from managers. MeBeBot, with its push Messaging technology, can send out timely reminders on when to provide regular feedback and coaching sessions, goals, learning and career discussions, and recognitions. 

In addition, MeBeBot can send reminders on when to complete quarterly updates, annual reviews, and if employees have all the data they need to complete their reviews.  

MeBeBot’s Push Messages are designed to send timely reminders, alerts, or notifications to employees via Teams or Slack. These reminders are ideal for performance management, onboarding, open enrollment, payroll changes, tax deadlines, compliance training, and IT system outages or updates.  

Pulse Surveys is another feature of MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant, that operates like Push Messaging (sent via Teams or Slack), to gather immediate feedback from employees on various “of the moment” topics (such as the performance management process). This feature allows for communications to become a “two-way street,” providing companies actionable feedback instantly. 

About MeBeBot  

MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant seamlessly installs as an app in Teams, Slack, or web portals to provide employees with instant automated answers to global HR, IT, and Ops FAQS, real-time usage Dashboards, Push Messaging, and custom Pulse Surveys, generating instant employee feedback on of-the-moment questions. MeBeBot’s “one-stop bot” is trusted by leading organizations to elevate the employee experience so work can be more meaningful and valuable.  

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