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Hiring Manager Development: Templates To Strengthen Quality Hiring & Internal Mobility

Mindy Honcoop
on December 01, 2023

Are we clear on how our organizations truly mobilize their internal talent? Do we know how we consistently hire quality, skilled talent? Are we investing time and effort in meaningful relationships, or are we inadvertently treating potential hires as free agents? These questions are the linchpin to success, especially as we gear up for the future of work.

Before we get carried away with the promises of artificial intelligence and other innovations, let’s redirect our focus to the basics. In 2024, let our first commitment be to shore up the foundations. Clarity and consistency lay the groundwork for sustainable progress in equipping our Talent Acquisition and Hiring managers to hire and onboard well.

Interviewing, onboarding, and internal mobility processes are the gateway to maintaining organizational health and resiliency. Are we navigating these crucial steps with intention and precision, or are we merely going through the motions?

To support you in this, here are a set of templates and resources aimed to navigate you in this journey.

8 Hiring Manager Development Templates To Bookmark

Hiring Manager Resource #1: Interview Questions for Managers

A sample set of interview questions to assess candidates based on skills not just years of experience.

Hiring Manager Resource #2: New Hire Onboarding Template

A comprehensive plan tailored specifically for the onboarding process.

Hiring Manager Resource #3: Interview Scorecard

A tool for evaluating candidates consistently across key competencies.

Hiring Manager Resource #4: Effective Interview Guidelines

Guidelines designed to support managers in conducting interviews that are not only effective but also fair and unbiased.

Hiring Manager Resource #5: Training and Learning Reimbursement Policy

A policy outlining the reimbursement procedures for employee training and educational expenses, fostering continuous professional development.

Hiring Manager Resource #6: Training and Learning Repayment Agreement

A policy outlining the repayment procedures for employee training and educational expenses, fostering continuous professional development.

Hiring Manager Resource #7: Internal Referrals Policy

Incentivize employees to refer qualified candidates for job openings.

Hiring Manager Resource #8: Internal Mobility Policy

Encourage internal career growth and development by providing opportunities for employees to pursue new job opportunities within your organization.

As we gear up for the challenges and opportunities that 2024 will undoubtedly bring, let’s reinforce our commitment to the fundamentals. These templates serve as a practical guide for hiring managers seeking to build strong teams and successful futures.

Let’s reinforce our foundations before we set sail into the future of automating manager FAQs through an AI Employee Experience Platform with an intelligent assistant. After all, a strong foundation is the key to a resilient and forward-moving organization.

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About Author: Mindy Honcoop

Mindy Honcoop is an experienced People Leader and HR advisor for, Spiceworks Ziff Davis,, Blackbaud, and Expedia.