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Terminal Leverages MeBeBot to Provide Answers Anytime, Anywhere



Terminal, the hiring and employment platform for building remote engineering teams, has headquarters in San Francisco, CA, with engineering teams based out of Canada, Mexico, Chile, and Columbia. Named by Inc. Magazine as a 2020 Best Workplaces, the HR team wanted to provide their member team support, anytime from anywhere, to delight and engage the “best of the best” talent for their customers.

Terminal’s HR team required a solution to empower both their “member” engineers and their corporate team members, with specific answers to their questions, based on their remote geographic locations. Their goal was to empower members and employees with an innovative self-service solution and access to information, when they need it, to reduce frustrations and improve productivity. Terminal wanted a scalable, yet cost-effective solution (versus an inefficient HR group email box), as consistent communications, instant employee feedback, and immediate answers to their HR and IT questions were their main priority.


The Terminal HR team selected MeBeBot’s AI-driven Intelligent Assistant, an innovative employee experience solution, to provide employees quick and easy access to instant answers to their HR and IT questions, without fielding individual emails or messages, with manual responses to common questions. Terminal’s distributed HR team configured and edited answers within two MeBeBot Customer Portal knowledge bases, specific to both corporate and team members’ HR, IT, and Operations questions and answers. Within weeks, the Terminal HR team was able to personalize their Intelligent Assistant to fit their business’s remote work policies, benefits, payroll, and operational procedures. With two Slack workspaces, MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant was installed as an app in each Slack instance in under 30 minutes, so that Terminal team members can receive instant communications and support to their HR, IT, and Ops needs.

“At Terminal, we’re proud to build remote teams for incredible companies, by creating a vibrant member community,” said Jennifer Farris, Chief HR Officer for Terminal. “With MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant, we provide 24/7 support to communications and answers to common employees’ questions, so that they can be more productive and engaged for our customers.” Terminal’s culture is built on open and consistent communications, so that team members can be more productive and engaged as Terminal continues to support their customers with top engineering talent.

With Terminal now serving engineers based in Latin American countries, to continue to support their remote work culture, the MeBeBot team was able to add new custom questions and answers to the knowledge base to direct and address many inquiries related to Terminal’s “Remote Concierge” program. By utilizing the various remote workplace questions and answers, Terminal can provide real-time updates and consistent communications to ensure the ergonomic health and well-being of their employees.

“Supporting our employees’ needs across distributed work locations, with consistent and accurate answers for over 80% of their questions, empowers employees using AI and automation for efficiencies” said Tiffany Yee, Director, People Operations for Terminal. “MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant frees up time for HR, so that our team can focus on other strategic initiatives that support our culture of remote work and developing world-class talent. ”

Using MeBeBot as an app in Slack, Terminal’s HR team can keep their team members abreast of any business updates and changes, using MeBeBot’s Push Messaging. Push Messaging allows Terminal’s HR team to create a reminder, company announcement, or general messages in MeBeBot’s Customer Admin Portal and schedule the message to be sent to a group(s) or all employees at a specific date and time (to the MeBeBot’s app in Slack). Terminal’s HR team uses this feature to ensure consistent and timely updates to extend their reach in communicating to their employees within collaboration tools in the “flow of work.”

Improved Employee Support and Employee Engagement to support remote work

The Terminal HR team has utilized their Customer Admin Portals, with the knowledge base of hundreds of questions and answers, to configure and edit company information, to empower self-service support for their distributed teams of remote team members. Using MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant, as an app in Slack, employees have access to all types of answers to their common questions, when they need it. Terminal’s HR team has realized the time-saving benefits, as their team members’ usage metrics display on their dashboards. They can respond to immediate needs of their people and continue to maintain their culture of attracting and maintaining top talent and status of a best place to work.

About MeBeBot 

MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant seamlessly installs as an app in Teams, Slack, or web portals to provide employees with instant automated answers to global HR, IT and Ops FAQS, real-time usage Dashboards, Push Messaging, and custom Pulse Surveys, generating instant employee feedback on of-the-moment questions. MeBeBot’s “one-stop bot” is trusted by leading organizations to elevate the employee experience so work can be more meaningful and valuable. 

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