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The Future of Work: How Best-in-Class HR Organizations are Preparing for 2022

on December 07, 2021

Several research organizations have published their HR Priorities for 2022. We were particularly impressed with the findings of Gartner. In addition to the need to build critical skills, accelerate change management, and build leadership bench, Gartner’s analysts prioritize one essential that many other analysts are not: The Future of Work.  

Please see Gartner’s top five HR strategic priorities below: 

What is The Future of Work? According to Visual Capitalists, the Future of Work includes the following: 

  1. The digitization of the workflow 
  1. Upskilling and training digital literacy to the workforce 
  1. Creating a flexible work environment 
  1. Redesigning the office to be a place for collaborating and building relationships and to allow employees to work from anywhere and support hybrid work models 
  1. Improving employee experiences 

Digital technology is a critical component to powering The Future of Work, creating a flexible work environment, hybrid work models, and improving employee experiences. MeBeBot is the affordable, one-stop bot that elevates your employees’ experiences while digitizing routine tasks and providing you significant cost savings.  

MeBeBot accurately answers employee questions and guides employees through onboarding, open enrollment, and understanding the transformation of organizational change. According to Gartner, chatbots, or intelligent assistants, that answer employee questions and help with onboarding are leading emerging technologies. 

MeBeBot empowers your work-from-anywhere employees by providing instant, accurate answers to their HR, IT, and operations questions 24/7. There is no need for ticketing or to wait for HR or IT to call, email or message back. These fast responses raise their work experiences and improve efficiencies.  

Just as importantly, MeBeBot becomes the best digital friend of your HR and IT professionals in several ways.  

  • First, MeBeBot answering questions allows  your professionals to focus on the strategic issues and organizational transformation that empower your organization’s profitable growth. Our customers have told us they have seen a question drop-off rate as high as 75 percent in manual responses to employees’ FAQs.  
  • Second, our AI will identify when new questions are being asked of global employees, indicating a new issue arises in the workforce requiring IT, Ops, or HR’s attention. With our anonymous chat-based employee surveying capability, your professional staff can further query the workforce on emerging issues to better shape a response. 
  • Third, MeBeBot’s Customer Data Dashboard allows your professional staff to watch real-time interaction trends with employee questions (by category and region) and the satisfaction rating of employees. 

Our customers are fast-growing firms like your company. Whether their strategy is to grow organically or through acquisitions, MeBeBot is their digital partner to onboard new employees and answer their questions. 

To be competitive in today’s tight labor market, fast-growth companies need to be the leaders in The Future of Work and empowering digital technologies that enable organizational transformation.  

We want to provide you with a quick win to start 2022 off right. We are offering you a $25 gift card to see a demo of MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant by the end of the year. And, since MeBeBot is so easy to launch and affordable, we’ll take 10 percent off your annual subscription if your contract is signed by December 31, 2021!  

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About MeBeBot 

MeBeBot launches custom Pulse Surveys, using its Intelligent Assistant, the “one-stop bot” for elevating the employee experience. MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant seamlessly installs as an app in Teams, Slack, Zoom or web portals to provide employees with instant automated answers to global HR, IT and Ops FAQS, real-time usage Dashboard, Push Messaging and now custom Pulse Surveys, generating instant employee feedback on of-the-moment questions.