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‘Tis the Season For Budget Planning

on September 26, 2022

Choose Work-Tech Solutions that Provide
Rapid ROI 

Companies are planning now for their 2023 budget and investment in work-tech. Budgets are being examined based on potential concerns for higher spending on the supply chain, payroll, and benefits, meaning there’s less money to go around for other critical projects and solutions.  

Due to the uncertainty of future inflation and a potential recession, continued supply chain disruption, and the Russian-Ukrainian war, boardrooms are worried. However, businesses cannot stand still during times of change, improvements must continue to be made. Work-tech technology can be purchased reasonably and provide a return on investment within months. If you plan now to purchase work-tech in early 2023, you can achieve a full ROI within the year.

CIO magazine (based on a Bain Capital report) predicts that IT investments and budgets for infrastructure technology will remain as last year’s rate.

Sapient Insights Group announced at the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas this month that it believes that HR Tech spending will increase an average of 21 percent, but purchases of expensive and complicated-to-implement human capital management systems will likely be delayed until 2024. The focus will be on other workplace technology solutions that augment current solutions, are less expensive, and are easy to implement.

Work-Tech Solutions with Short Time-to-Impact

MeBeBot is one of the easy-to-implement and affordable work-tech technologies that can be easily configured and launched in weeks at any time. And, since these solutions are utilized by employees across the company, budgets from IT, HR, Finance, and Facilities can share in the overall investment.

HR, IT, Operations and/or Facilities can partner and share the budget, making MeBeBot even more affordable

We use the term work-tech, defined as the evolution of HR technology from an activity and data-focused approach to delivering more employee-centric collaboration and productivity tools, to describe MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant. MeBeBot improves the employee experience by automatically and consistently answering over 350 commonly asked employee questions of HR, IT, Operations, and Finance, reducing friction, confusion, and frustration.

  • MeBeBot is designed for non-technical users. You won’t need AI expertise or software development resources to implement and maintain MeBeBot, and it can be up and running in as quickly as one month.
  • MeBeBot also tracks the top questions and emerging issues of your workforce so you can identify trends and take proactive action.
  • As the role of the people manager continues to become more complex and integral to the success of your business, MeBeBot provides personalized AI tools that help support their development and accelerate their time-to-productivity.
  • Using Pulse Surveys in MeBeBot’s App in Teams/Slack, employee engagement, sentiment, and needs can be measured so you can understand and create an employee experience and company culture that effectively manages change and drives retention.
  • MeBeBot enables you to create push messages within your current flow or work, targeted to specific internal teams based on location or business unit to convey real-time or scheduled announcements, reminders, and alerts.

Determining what MeBeBot will cost and its Return on Investment is simple. Use this link to go to our ROI Calculator. After answering five questions, you will have your answer. Please see below.

Many of our clients report an 80 percent reduction of questions asked of staff after implementation. This frees up time to spend on more strategic issues. Their employees get 24/7 support from wherever they work. And MeBeBot provides an industry high 90 percent accurate answers.

Please don’t take our word for it. Here is what one of our customers says.

In addition, our clients report savings of $250k to $1 million within six to twelve months, depending on the company’s size. In times of higher costs for business and tough budgeting, investing in a technology that provides a return in one year is liberating.

It Gets Better

Because MeBeBot is a work-tech serving HR, IT, Operations, and Finance, these organizational departments can pool resources to invest in MeBeBot.

Budgeting for 2023 will be arduous, with tough trade-offs. If you plan now to purchase work-tech in 2023, you can achieve a total ROI in one year. MeBeBot is an easy-to-implement work-tech that can be up and running in Q1 and give you an ROI by the end of the year.

Not a bad investment by any standard.

About MeBeBot   

MeBeBot’s AI Intelligent Assistant, recently selected as a “Brilliant Bot” in the Slack App Directory, seamlessly installs in Teams, Slack, or web portals to provide employees with instant automated answers to global HR, IT and Ops FAQS. It also provides real-time usage Dashboards, Push Messaging, and custom Pulse Surveys, generating instant employee feedback on of-the-moment questions. MeBeBot’s “one-stop bot” is trusted by leading organizations to elevate the employee experience so work can be more meaningful and valuable.    

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