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View the Corporate Bartender interview with Beth White, MeBeBot’s Founder and CEO

on June 21, 2021

Wanna be part of a fun, engaging and good humored Human Resource group with your peers across the U.S.? Then join the weekly Corporate Bartender sessions to join in on the fun!

In May, MeBeBot's Founder and CEO, Beth White, joined host Eric Spencer, Chief Operating Officer at Skye Team to discuss how HR is using AI and automation to support employees and free up valuable HR time. There was a great discussion of what is AI, how it is used today by MeBeBot customers, followed by some excellent questions by the whole group!

Click HERE or on the image below, to view and listen in on this past edition of the Corporate Bartender!

SkyeTeam focuses on building sustainable and successful organizations through the development of the people within the organization. The Corporate Bartender is a weekly live YouTube video channel and podcast, and his lively group of HR leaders from across the US discuss the hot topics in HR and in the world of work and the future for workplaces.

Interested in learning more as to how MeBeBot's Intelligent Assistant can be of help to you and your team?