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Watch the Work Arts Interview with Beth White, MeBeBot Founder and CEO

on May 25, 2021

MeBeBot Founder and CEO, Beth White, had the pleasure to meet and be interviewed by Brandon Curry, Founder of Work Arts, focusing on innovation and technologies for the future of work.

Watch the video interview to learn how Beth transitioned from being an HR Leader to bringing solutions, like MeBeBot's Intelligent Assistant, to help create efficiencies, improve productivity, and save time and money, when businesses are doing more with less. She explains how MeBeBot provide employees with "consumer-like" technologies to elevate the employee experience – supporting remote and hybrid workplaces – to bridge employee engagement and communication gaps created by the global pandemic, globalization, and distributed teams.

Here's the link to the blog post on Work Arts

Here's an excerpt of the Work Arts blog from the interview:

When communicating and delivering foundational information and services to your organization lag the rate of decision making and change, It’s like a latency tax that constrains performance and frustrates your team.

“…every business must be world class at all forms of synchronous and asynchronous communications, to sustain culture across the organization.”
Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO – The Hybrid Work Paradox

HR, IT and other functional leaders are working to transform their service delivery models to improve employee experience, performance and cost. While many have mature Shared Service Center operations in Best Cost Countries (BCC), these approaches are being challenged with accelerating labor cost inflation, labor scarcity and turnover.

I was recently introduced to MeBeBot and managed to sit down with Founder and Chief Bot, Beth White, to talk about how MeBeBot brings innovative options that deliver many of the benefits of BCC Shared Service approaches while also improving employee experience and cost through technology integrated into Slack and Microsoft Teams.

If you are considering a work enablement strategy to improve the quality, delivery and cost of your functional service delivery, MeBeBot may fit nicely as an investment in automation for highly routinized tasks that do not require significant collaboration. This can strengthen your employee experience, add capacity without adding headcount, and as Beth states, “this is about job elevation.”

Boston Consulting Group recently published “The How-to of Hybrid Work” Arts We Like is a series of posts spotlighting great ideas, products and partners that we share to help enable remarkable performance through more effective and engaged organizations. Contact Work Arts about how to deploy these solutions as a part of a broader HR Strategy or engagements to develop your organization, capabilities and talent.

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