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Digital Transformation: Why Internal Teams Need to Collaborate

on May 14, 2020

If there are “a-ha” moments or “lessons learned” during this global pandemic crisis, one major lesson is that there is no time to wait for digital transformation within businesses.

According to a Harvard Business Review article, “technology can make your business more transparent, more flexible, and more efficient,” and that historical downturns in the economy were often the most opportunistic times for business transformation.

Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements

Furthermore, Katy George, a senior partner at McKinsey states that:

By prioritizing digital transformation during a downturn results in improved analytics; to help management better understand the business, how the recession is affecting it, and where there’s potential for operational improvements.

Digital technology can help cut costs, by automating tasks or adopting data-driven decision-making

Technology investments make companies more agile, and therefore better able to handle the uncertainty and rapid change that come with a recession

A growing focus on digital transformation throughout organizations puts a lot of pressure on internal teams to keep up with the latest tech developments. Chances are, your IT department is way ahead of the game, as they’re staying abreast to changes so that they can advise business units on their purchasing decisions.

In today’s digital marketplace, no department within an organization can exist independently. In order to put digital transformation at the center of the business transformation strategy, collaborating with your company IT department (beyond the selection and implementation of systems) makes good financial sense, so that the business challenges can be examined and solved holistically.

Automation technology can free staff from manual tasks so they can pursue higher-value work. If your team can identify that they spend 30% of their time responding to internal employee inquiries, your IT department might suggest purchasing and implementing a knowledge base of Global HR, IT and Ops content that links to messaging platforms (like Microsoft Teams or Slack) that employees can use in their flow of work.

MeBeBot is this solution, as our Intelligent Assistant integrates seamlessly to Slack, Microsoft Teams, and can be a web chat boxes in your company Intranet. Through collaboration of budgets, internal IT, HR and Operations teams can share in the budget costs for the solution and have access to edit the global knowledge base of content so that the solution can be launched in days, providing an easy win toward future digital transformation and cost savings across the organization.

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