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Epicor Case Study


Increasing Support For People-first Digital Initiatives

Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific software to promote business growth, has expanded its portfolio of technology solutions over the past 10 years. Currently, Epicor has offices around the globe, with employees in 30 countries and centralized headquarters in Austin, Texas. This dispersed workforce has made it challenging for the HR and IT teams to support their employees’ needs on many different time zones.

Epicor desired a solution to continue their people-first initiatives in keeping employees at the center of their value proposition. Their goal was to empower employees with more high quality self-service tools and access to information to provide them opportunities to succeed. Epicor wanted a more innovative and cost-effective solution than traditional call centers, as instant communications and answers to their HR and IT questions were a top priority.


The Epicor HR and IT team selected MeBeBot’s artificial intelligence-driven Intelligent Assistant, an innovative solution to connect employees quickly and easily with instant answers to their HR and IT questions, without sending individual emails or creating additional help desk tickets.

Epicor leveraged the MeBeBot knowledge base of hundreds of curated HR, IT and Ops questions and answers and updated their own content to personalize their Intelligent Assistant in weeks. With the timing of the project coinciding with the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic, Epicor was able to utilize the ease of configuration of the tool to direct and address many inquiries related to this global crisis.  The team chose to integrate the bot primarily in Microsoft Teams to encourage its usage, but also within their company Intranet, as an embedded web-chat feature.

Epicor agreed to be an innovation partner to enhance current and future development of the MeBeBot solution. Through quick development and implementation cycles, new features, including the ability to add unique content to each country, were introduced to the product to allow for the expansion to support the employees in all 30 countries. 

Epicor and MeBeBot devised an employee adoption launch plan, including a video introduction to “how it works,” Yammer updates, and providing the chatbot in each employees’ Teams workspace (as an app on their tool bar). Epicor’s internal marketing communications team plans to continue to raise awareness and sustain usage of the bot over time through promotions, and HR and IT have updated their business processes to include MeBeBot as part of workflows.

Hundreds Of Questions Fielded In Just The First Week

The Epicor HR and IT teams began to quickly feel the impact of the Intelligent Assistant, as hundreds of HR, IT and Ops questions were submitted (from across the globe) in the first week and were answered with a high degree of accuracy.  MeBeBot continually monitors the questions and answers daily and fine-tuning and supervised training is performed to improve accuracy.  As an innovation partner, Epicor is continuing to provide ongoing feedback as to the metrics and results to display on the dashboard, so that the return on investment can be widely communicated and ongoing value is realized. 

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