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How will HR budget for Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in 2020?

on August 14, 2019

In March, MeBeBot and ThisWay Global enlisted the help of Workology to survey over 100,000 Human Resources and Recruiting professional to help us answer the question of “What is HR’s Readiness for Artificial Intelligence?”

After receiving hundreds of results to our HR’s Readiness for AI survey, our preliminary results show that HR is ready for AI. Yet, in 2019, many organizations did not have the budgetary dollars allocated to get started leveraging AI to improve productivity, efficiences and to free up time so that HR and Recruiting can focus more time on strategic tasks for the business.

How does AI fit into HR and Recruiting? And how will we budget for AI solutions in 2020? Below are the key areas (indicated by survey results) as to how HR and Recruiting sees AI playing a critical part in their future technology solutions.

So, where will the budgets live for AI in 2020?

Our survey results (below) show that HR and Recruiting are breaking down the “silos” between departmental budgets and partnering with various internal teams to generate the necessary budgetary dollars to drive innovation and transform the employee experience.

As you can see, 35% of the survey participants are budgeting for AI solutions within HR and Recruiting. However, over 16% will partner with IT and 11% will partner with Operations, demonstrating that invigorating the employee experience by creating a more consumer-like experience and the budgetary dollars required to implement AI will span across the organization.

Don’t get left behind….as NOW is the time to plan for your 2020 budgets and to develop your organizations’ AI strategy.