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Taking time off? Turn your “Out-of-Office” reminder to “Ask MeBeBot” to support your employees’ FAQs

on June 20, 2021

Are you planning to take some much-needed time off this year? Do you dread coming back from vacation to find an overflowing inbox with questions from employees? And do employees struggle to get the support they need when key people are out of the office?

If these scenarios seem familiar to you, you are not alone. The average professional spends 28% of the workday reading and answering email, according to McKinsey analysis. For the average full-time worker in America, that amounts to a staggering 2.6 hours spent and 120 messages received per day.

Coming back from time off may require 1-2 days to “play catch up” to emails, some that may have required an immediate response to an urgent need. And, for companies that are utilizing a general email box for employees'’ inquiries for HR, Operations, Accounting/Finance, and Payroll teams, these manual responses to individual questions take 1 hour (on average) of a team member's time to respond to 6-7 questions.

What is the business cost of lost productivity spent on manually responding to individual employees’ questions, sent to individual HR, IT and Ops team members and to general department inboxes? If your time or your team’s time was compared to support desk tickets, your team members spend 1-2 hours each day, responding to employees’ questions, costing organizations billions of dollars each year.

Here is an example of the operational costs to a business of 6,000 employees, with 50 people in HR, IT and Operations that respond to employees’ needs and questions daily. And this cost analysis does not even consider the opportunity cost to the business if this valuable time could have been spent developing strategies and programs that further enhance the employee experience and drive employee retention.

Instead of turning on that “out of office” notification and risking employees receiving inconsistent answers to their questions while experts are on vacation, why not turn on MeBeBot? Our Intelligent Assistant will automatically provide detailed answers to employees’ benefits, payroll, general HR and IT, and operational questions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, globally. With MeBeBot, you can enjoy that much deserved time off, knowing that your employees are receiving immediate answers, complete with links to reference documents and with 90 percent accuracy.

In just several days to weeks, HR, IT and Ops team members can install MeBeBot as an app in Teams, Slack or as a web chat app in your company’s intranet to provide a solution to your people in their “flow of work.” The next step is to simply edit MeBeBot’s Customer Admin Portal, complete with 250+ FAQs, tested and used by 10,000+ employees globally, that you can update to fit your business needs. The last step is to launch an internal promotion campaign for your new “assistant,” so your employees can use to support their needs and free up your valuable time upon returning from time off.

So, what are you waiting for? MeBeBot is a cost-effective solution that answers 60 to 70 percent of employees most frequently asked questions. Your team will save hundreds of hours of time that can be used for other initiatives and to better serve your employees.

Click here to see a one-minute demo of how MeBeBot works or schedule your consultation today!