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AI for Employee Experience: How e2open Is Enjoying the Benefits of Automation

Beth White
on April 20, 2023
Image describing e2open organizational background


The mission of e2open is to bring agility and visibility to the global supply chain is built on a foundation of collaboration, innovative technology, and deep expertise. They are a leading global provider of cloud-based software for supply chains that provides a seamless connection for enterprises of all sizes. Through an acquisition strategy since 2015, e2open (NYSE: ETWO) grew from under 1,000 to over 4,000 employees and is now represented across 22 geographic work areas.

Today, e2open delivers an employee experience powered by people with purpose — championing diversity, equity & inclusion; fostering a culture that enables everyone to achieve their full potential; and helping communities thrive.

Image of a quote from Stephanie Laurich about their AI for employee experience journey


During such times of fast growth, e2open was challenged with transforming their onboarding, employee support and communications strategies. While they had a company Intranet, and some internal IT and HR information available to employees, the onboarding and employee support pro3cesses were often manual and time consuming, and they sought a better way to provide new and current employees with access to consistent and needed information.

Also, e2open sought to build a centralized global employee services center of excellence that would easily provide employees with real-time information and support. From streamlining technology to content development, the solution had to be quickly and easily accessible despite varying geographic locations and time zones.


To create a singular digital employee experience, e2open needed a solution that could quickly provide employees with a wealth of global service knowledge — despite varying geographic locations. e2open leveraged MeBeBot’s curated knowledge base to jumpstart the process of configuring, personalizing, and tuning their AI chatbot.

To maximize accessibility, e2open installed MeBeBot’s AI Intelligent Assistant into platforms that employees were already using often — Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. And as a no-code-developed app, e2open went live in weeks rather than months or years — inclusive of installation and content configuration time.

The MeBeBot and e2open teams devised an innovative internal communications plan adding MeBeBot to new hire packets, annual open enrollment information, email signatures and out-of-office notices.

Now, the introduction of MeBeBot’s push notification service empowers e2open to deliver consistent global communications to the right employees, at the right time, and with the right message and content — without additional tools.


The impact of MeBeBot’s introduction was felt quickly. In the first three months, the number of questions that the HR team needed to directly answer dropped by 75%. The success of Me bebot has saved IT over 300 hours of help desk hours per month as well as over 120 hours of HR help desk questions per month.

Now, e2open takes advantage of MeBeBot’s push notifications. HR and IT teams can deliver pertinent updates, reminders and actions to their employees. In fact, they’ve creatively leveraged push notifications to keep in touch with employees during weather emergencies.

Finally, e2open uses MeBeBot’s people analytics to gain an understanding of how employees are using the chatbot — allowing them to surface data that can be leveraged to drive increasing chatbot usage, as well as continuously improving employee support.

[Original case study published in July 2021]