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AI-powered chatbots and HR have one thing in common

on October 31, 2021

AI-powered chatbots are an HR Practitioner’s best friend. Years ago, some HR professionals may have feared that AI and automation solutions may threaten their jobs. However, with the tight labor market, transitions to hybrid work, need to retain top talent, and increasing workloads, HR team members are embracing AI and automation. By removing the “low hanging fruit” (automating answers to employees’ commonly asked questions), HR team members can focus on the more thoughtful and higher value talent management and organizational development work. 

AI Chatbots and HR have one thing in common. They learn.  

When you hire an HR Practitioner to develop the teams they support and the leadership skills of your managers, their value to your organization will improve over time. As the HR Practitioner gets to know the idiosyncrasies of each leader and what motivates them (and their team), she/he is better able to coach them and build relationships–and their value increases. 

The same occurs with AI-powered chatbots. As the AI technology learns your organization’s culture, the manner of speaking of your diverse employees, and the varying issues your organization faces over time, the higher value it provides your organization.  

AI-powered chatbots aren’t just answering questions from your organization’s employees.  Chatbots are answering the same questions and observing the emergence of new issues from different companies across the globe. AI-powered chatbots can bring extraordinary learning to your organization with their global reach when the latest problem arises, benchmarking your organization against like companies. 

Another advantage of chatbots is that they reduce the number of times employees search for answers. This is a considerable advantage when remote employees can no longer walk to HR or IT down the hall to get a response to a question. Employees also seldom search company internet sites to find the policy that will give them the answer. Millennials and Gen Z employees expect companies to have chatbots to answer their questions instantly, like Siri answers their questions on popular culture or consumer items.  

However, AI-powered chatbots and HR consultants are different in one significant way. Chatbots can answer employee questions from across the globe 24/7 and not wear down. Humans, of course, need time to rest, visit with their families and friends, and sleep. 

The chatbot, on the other hand, is not going to determine the value proposition or key characteristics of your most effective leaders and the nuance of coaching leaders that need improvement. Chatbots may not resolve a complex employee relations issue however their value is in removing the friction and noise with routine tasks. 

Finally, HR chatbots and HR practitioners are similar in another major way. After learning and gaining experience and increasing the value they bring to your organization, they both would be missed if they left—and hard to replace. 

MeBeBot’s AI-powered chatbot is an employee’s best friend, as well as the HR team member’s best friend. It answers 80 percent of the questions asked of HR, IT, and Operations, with 90 percent accuracy. In addition to saving employees time by answering their questions instantly, MeBeBot clients report a 75 percent drop of questions coming into HR and IT and an answer accuracy rate above 90 percent, saving time for the overworked HR and IT team members.

Cloud-hosted and managed (with supervised human and machine learning), MeBeBot’s AI continually “learns” and refines answers, tracks data, and even alerts HR and IT to any issues and opportunities to grow and scale the solution. It frees up the HR Consultant for the vital talent management work they perform.  

MeBeBot’s curated database of questions is easy to update and edit, allowing companies to be up and running with an AI Chatbot in two to four weeks (not months), providing a rapid time-to-value and exceptional return on investment.  

Beyond supporting employees to be more productive, MeBeBot’s Push Messaging feature (in Slack or Teams) facilitates employee communications and engagement. With push-messaging technology, MeBeBot allows HR, IT, and Ops leaders to send out reminders to employees to complete onboarding tasks, deadlines for open enrollment, or updates on return to the workplace questions (such as mask and vaccine mandate issues).   

Lastly, to gain immediate feedback and data on employee satisfaction and engagement (to drive retention), MeBeBot’s Pulse Survey feature sends out a quick question or Yes/No statement so that our customers can gather quick insights into their employees’ opinions. Studies have shown that companies can prevent attrition and improve overall job satisfaction if you solicit feedback from your employees (and build strategies to act on their needs). And, since the pulse survey is sent to MeBeBot via Teams or Slack, employees can respond with these collaboration tools in the flow of work. 

AI-powered chatbots are an HR Consultant’s best friend, but they are also working partners, creating Super Teams, to support the future of workplaces.

Contact us to learn how MeBeBot’s AI Intelligent Assistant can become your team’s best “new hire”! Contact us to learn how MeBeBot’s AI Intelligent Assistant can become your team’s best “new hire”!