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Double the Fun With A Dazzling Duo of Delightful May HR Blogs – Act 1

Bennett Sung
on May 24, 2023

Welcome to The Gemini Edition of Carnival of HR.

Wednesday, May 23rd , Act 1 is hosted by MeBeBot.

Thursday, May 24th, Act 2 is hosted by Fama.

Carnival of HR Writers Align With Top CHRO Priorities

The human resources landscape is constantly evolving, with new challenges and opportunities arising each day. Staying updated with the latest trends and insights is crucial for CHROs (Chief Human Resources Officers) to effectively navigate the ever-changing HR ecosystem.

According to a recent Gartner survey conducted in 2023, CHROs identified their top priorities as leader and manager effectiveness, organizational design and change management, employee experience, recruiting, and the future of work. These priorities highlight the need for HR professionals to enhance leadership capabilities, adapt to organizational changes, prioritize employee well-being, attract top talent, and embrace the evolving nature of work.

Image of Gartner 2023 Top Priorities Results as Featured on Carnival for HR

This Carnival of HR provides an engaging and diverse collection of blogs that address the pressing priorities of CHROs. Whether it’s leadership development, hiring strategies, feedback culture, artificial intelligence, or legal compliance.

Leader & Manager Effectiveness

Written by Mindy Honcoop, she explores the critical role of talent activation in fueling leadership development. Effective leaders are the driving force behind any successful organization, and nurturing their potential is essential. Talent activation involves identifying and developing high-potential employees, providing them with the necessary resources, and empowering them to take on leadership roles. Mindy also delves into strategies and best practices to activate talent within organizations, making sure a strong pipeline of future leaders.

Feedback is an integral part of growth and development, and the #HRCarnival blogs provide insights on becoming comfortable with giving feedback (Author: Joanie Connell at Flexible Work Solutions) while also creating a toxic-free workplace and addressing workplace bullying confidently (Authors: Karin Hurt and David Dye at Let’s Grow Leaders). These pieces offer valuable tips and techniques to empower HR professionals in creating a positive work environment where individuals can thrive and reach their full potential.


Humareso’s John Baldino sheds light on the importance of planning for more than just an emotional organizational connection during the hiring process. While cultural fit and emotional connection are vital, it’s equally important to assess a candidate’s skills, qualifications, and alignment with the organization’s values and goals. John’s blog highlights the need for a comprehensive approach to hiring that encompasses both emotional connection and objective evaluation. By finding the right balance, organizations can build diverse and high-performing teams that drive success.

The #HRCarnival goes global with Dorothy Dalton as 3Plus International touches upon the HIPPO effect on hiring decisions, emphasizing the dangers of relying solely on the Highest Paid Person’s Opinion (HIPPO) and the importance of data-driven decision-making in talent acquisition.

Artificial Intelligence

Moreover, podcasters, Joey Price & Sommer Ketron, talk on air about the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in HR, outlining the latest advancements and the implications for HR practitioners. With AI transforming various HR processes, from recruitment to employee engagement, staying ahead of the game is crucial for CHROs and HR professionals to leverage these technologies effectively and drive meaningful outcomes for their organizations.

Other Fascinating Topics Covered by Carnival of HR

The decline of #HRTwitter is explored by Robin Schooling at Humareso, discussing the evolving dynamics of online HR communities.

Many are staying curious around generative AI. However, Prasad Kurian reminds us about the power of the written word and the fact its leaving behind an intellectual DNA and immortality.

Lastly, Geoffry Lowe from Rudner Law contributes an intriguing case study of a defendant imprisoned for contempt, emphasizing the importance of legal compliance and ethical practices within organizations. This cautionary tale serves as a reminder for HR professionals to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and adherence to the law.

What’s Next For Carnival of HR?

As we navigate the dynamic HR leadership profession, it is crucial to stay informed and adapt to the changing needs of organizations. The content writers network for Carnival of HR bring valuable insights and perspectives to the forefront, addressing many of the priorities identified in Gartner’s Top Priorities for HR Leaders in 2023.

So, join us on this exciting journey of HR knowledge and exploration. Together, let’s embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, shaping the future of HR with wisdom and innovation.

Connect with Carnival for HR contributors on LinkedIn: Mindy Honcoop, John Baldino, Robin Schooling, Dorothy Dalton, Joanie Connell, Karin Hurt, David Dye, Prasad Kurian, Joey Price, Sommer Ketron and Geoffrey Lowe